How to get the best of the best on the Nintendo Switch game selection

How to get the best of the best on the Nintendo Switch game selection

By Mike LachlanAssociated PressPublished Apr 02, 2017 09:32AMThe Nintendo Switch’s most popular game console, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is a $100 premium.

The Switch has made an enormous splash with its performance.

The first two games in the series, Mario Party 10 and Super Mario Maker, have both sold over 100 million units in the United States and Europe, and have been downloaded over three billion times.

Nintendo Switch gamers can get a similar experience with a game that came out in March, Super Mario Odyssey.

In addition to the Super Mario Bros. series, Odyssey includes several new and familiar franchises.

Nintendo says Super Mario Run is “one of the biggest new titles for the Nintendo console this year.”

This weekend, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition is out for Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For now, the only game that comes out for the Switch is Super Smash Run.

The PlayStation 4 version is free, while the Xbox One version is $20.

Nintendo will be launching the Super Smash Brothers for the Super Nintendo in March.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game has a slightly lower price tag than the PlayStation or Xbox versions, but the Xbox version is the best deal.

Super Smash Bros for the SNES is $10, while Super Smash Mania for the Game Boy Advance is $5.

Nintendo will also be offering free shipping for Switch owners when they order Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo also announced the first-ever Nintendo Switch limited edition Nintendo Switch Game Boy.

The special is available now through May 15 at retailers, and the Switch version will cost $299.

It is available for pre-order at Nintendo’s online store, as well as online at select Nintendo retailers.

The console will be available on March 31.

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