How the Bears and NFL have evolved over the past decade

How the Bears and NFL have evolved over the past decade

Bears fans and former players, as well as the NFL itself, have long called the NFL the most important sport in the world.

But how did the league and its governing body, the NFLPA, evolve over the decades, and how did it do so?

In a special series for The Hill, we will look at some of the key changes that have occurred in the sport over the last few decades.

What happened in the early years?

The NFL had already been established as a professional football league for at least 50 years, when it first began in 1876.

As the American Civil War was winding down, President Abraham Lincoln called a meeting of the league’s 32 owners to discuss a possible expansion.

The owners agreed to expand to 32 teams in 1861, and they began organizing their league in 1863.

As more teams joined the league in the 1880s, it quickly expanded to include all American cities.

By the 1890s, there were 20 teams in the league, and the league was growing rapidly.

The league’s popularity continued to grow and grew in the 20th century.

In 1914, the league sold a majority stake to CBS for $1.8 billion.

But the next year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the merger was illegal because it violated antitrust laws.

The next year the NFL agreed to a new five-year, $8 billion television contract, which the league said would increase its profits by more than $2 billion.

The new deal, which was later re-negotiated, gave the NFL an estimated $11 billion in revenue.

But during the 1930s, the American public began to turn against the league.

The public became increasingly suspicious of its players’ patriotism, and in 1933, more than two-thirds of the players voted to join the American Legion.

The following year, during the Great Depression, many teams relocated to the suburbs.

As a result, the players’ union refused to endorse the league until 1946.

In the early 1950s, when the league moved from Chicago to Atlanta, the fans began to boo players.

But after the NFL changed its name to the National Football League in 1962, the protests grew.

By that time, there had been over a thousand protests against the team in Chicago alone.

In 1964, the first season of the Super Bowl, fans booed the entire team.

And in 1965, a handful of players and coaches went on a hunger strike, which eventually led to the resignation of general manager Charlie Weis.

The protests against Weis led to an investigation into the team’s practices, and later the players were fired from the team.

During the 1970s, a group of fans in Cleveland, Ohio, led by Black Panther leader Huey Newton, began boycotting the team for two years, and by the end of the decade, the boycott was growing.

The National Guard began patrolling the streets of Cleveland, and protests continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1989, President George H.W. Bush was impeached over the use of a National Guard helicopter to break up a protest in Dallas.

In 1994, the team was sold to a private equity firm for $4.8 million, with an estimated value of $25 billion.

In 1999, after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v.

Federal Election Commission, the public became outraged.

As part of its settlement, the football team was required to disclose the identities of the executives who made the decisions to sell the team to private equity, and to pay out $2.4 million to former players and fans.

During his second term, George W. Bush oversaw a number of changes to the NFL, including changing the name of the team and eliminating the requirement that all players wear a team uniform.

However, the most dramatic change came in 1999, when he decided to close down all teams and allow them to relocate to new cities in order to help address a housing crisis.

What did the NFL do to help players and the public?

The owners of the NFL and the owners of major pro sports teams have been known to share a common vision of how to improve the game.

The idea of the owners’ “Owners Council,” as it was called, is a common tactic used by owners to try to create a more cooperative structure between the players and their owners.

The goal of the Council is to have owners and players agree on a set of common goals that the players will have to meet.

This includes, for example, an agreement to pay a minimum of $250,000 per year to all players who were on the roster during the previous season.

Other goals include making sure that players are paid for their time on the field, a guaranteed minimum of 10 percent of their salary, and an increase in the salary cap to $160 million.

The players have also been known over the years to propose some of their own solutions to the problems that the owners face.

In 1997, for instance, the owners introduced a plan called

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