NFL and NFLPA discuss fines and suspensions

NFL and NFLPA discuss fines and suspensions

A number of NFL players have been fined and suspended by the league and are currently appealing the decision, according to the NFL Players Association.

The union released the details of a meeting with the league’s chief legal counsel in which representatives from the league, the NFLPA, and other parties discussed the issues and discussed ways to work together to address them.

The meeting occurred over the weekend and the union has not yet released the contents of the discussions, which are expected to be a lengthy process, said NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith.

The NFLPA also released a statement regarding the meeting, which was held Saturday.

“The NFL and the NFLP reached an agreement that will prevent further violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement by the players, and we look forward to continuing to work with our union partners on a long-term agreement that addresses all of the concerns raised in this agreement,” Smith said in the statement.

“In addition, we hope to continue to work through the issue of the suspension of players with an eye toward addressing the root causes of these violations.”

The NFL, however, said that the suspension will not apply retroactively.

In a statement, the league said that it “will not apply the suspension retroactively to players currently under suspension” and that the union “has not presented a plan to address the issues that we’ve raised, and there is no agreement to address any of the issues raised.”

“In response to your inquiry, the commissioner and the leaguePA will be meeting soon to discuss the specifics of the process and the possible future of the players,” the statement said.

The commissioner and union have been meeting on multiple fronts in the months since the league suspended more than 1,400 players for domestic violence, and players have not been allowed to play or practice in some games until they complete their appeals.

The suspensions were imposed in response to the deaths of two players who were killed in Las Vegas last month by a Las Vegas police officer who was involved in a traffic stop.

A third player, receiver Deion Sanders, was also killed in the shooting.

Sanders, who was an undrafted free agent out of Alabama, was fatally shot in a hotel room in Las “Olympia” on Oct. 24.

The Las Vegas shooting is the second in a month to have occurred in Nevada, after a man fatally shot a police officer in the same hotel.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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