Why NFL is trending on Twitter, but football games aren’t

Why NFL is trending on Twitter, but football games aren’t

NFL players are spending more time on social media and Instagram than they are in the game today.

According to data collected by Nielsen for the first time, the average NFL player is spending 5.2 hours per day on social and Instagram media, compared to 5.1 hours per player on the field.

That’s an increase of more than 20 minutes per player.

The NBA, meanwhile, is spending an average of 1.3 hours per hour on social, and 2.6 hours on Instagram.

The NBA’s share of the social media conversation is growing, but it’s down slightly from the record-breaking NBA record of 7.1 minutes per hour last year.

The NFL’s share has remained relatively flat, at 1.9 hours per year.ESPN reported the numbers on Monday, and it showed that the NFL is gaining ground on the NBA.

Its share of Twitter conversations has risen from 3.3 percent to 5 percent, while its share of Instagram conversations has fallen from 15.6 percent to 12.2 percent.

But there’s more to the story.

The number of active NFL players has grown from 1.1 million last year to 1.5 million this year.

But it’s still far below the 1.7 million players who played in the Super Bowl.

That’s likely why social media usage among players has been dropping.

A quick search of Nielsen’s “social media” database found that the average Twitter user in 2016 was spending 1.2 minutes per day in the social sphere.

By contrast, the NFL’s average was 3 minutes per user, and its share was a little less than 2 percent.

It also found that most players don’t use social media as much as they used to, which may be partly because of a decline in the number of fans watching.

In the NFL, the team with the biggest social reach has been the Chicago Bears, whose fans are a much bigger demographic than those in the NFL.

The Bears’ social reach is now on par with that of the Atlanta Falcons, which are the NFL teams with the most fans on Twitter.

While the NFL has become more social, it’s also become more exclusive.

Last year, the league had one of the most exclusive television markets in the country, with ESPN, Fox, NBC and CBS all showing their Super Bowls.

The Chicago market is now considered the most competitive market in the league.

The league’s average audience per game has risen slightly, from 16.5 to 16.8 million, while the average TV audience has fallen by a fraction of a percent.

In the NBA, the Lakers have grown their audience to a record of 15.7 millions per game, the most in league history.

The Lakers have also grown their social reach to more than 1 million users per game this season.

They now have more than 8.7 people per game on Twitter and more than 6.3 on Instagram, compared with 4.8 per player this year on the floor.

The NBA is also catching up to other major sports in terms of the number and size of Twitter users, with the Boston Celtics leading the way with more than 15 million followers.

The Detroit Pistons, who have the most Twitter followers in the NBA this season, have more followers than the Toronto Raptors, who are the second-most followed team in the world behind the Los Angeles Lakers.

But the NFL continues to dominate the social conversation.

The New York Giants, who lead the league in Twitter followers, are in third place.

The Washington Redskins, who rank third, have nearly 4 million followers and have the second highest average Twitter following among all teams in the top 15.

The top 20 teams in Twitter following are:1.

Cleveland Cavaliers2.

Denver Broncos3.

Atlanta Falcons4.

Philadelphia Eagles5.

Detroit Lions6.

Carolina Panthers7.

Pittsburgh Steelers8.

Kansas City Chiefs9.

San Francisco 49ers10.

Cleveland Browns11.

San Diego Chargers12.

Minnesota Vikings13.

New York Jets14.

Chicago Bears15.

Dallas Cowboys

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