Which NFL teams are on the brink of a big playoff run?

Which NFL teams are on the brink of a big playoff run?

NFL teams have the opportunity to win a playoff game this weekend with either a win or a loss against the Indianapolis Colts.

That’s why we’re looking at some of the best teams from the NFC South and AFC South who have the chance to make it to the Super Bowl.1.

New Orleans Saints (5-1)The Saints won their fifth straight game and improved to 3-0 on the season.

Brees led the Saints with 35 touchdowns, but they’ll have to beat the Eagles and Titans to do it.

New England is also tied for first place with Atlanta in the AFC South, which means they have a big advantage.

The Patriots and Seahawks also play on Sunday, but the Saints are tied with the Patriots and Eagles for first in the NFC.2.

Baltimore Ravens (4-2)The Ravens are in control of the AFC North and are playing like a playoff team.

The AFC North is where the teams from Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston and Indianapolis all make the playoffs.

The Ravens are a game back of Denver and the Steelers, who lost to the Browns in Week 3.

Baltimore’s best chance to win the division comes with a win against Pittsburgh on Sunday.3.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2-1-1, 10-3)The Steelers have won six straight and are now at 3-2 on the year.

They could have a tough time beating the Colts if they lose to the Chiefs, but Pittsburgh will need to beat Baltimore to stay alive.

The Steelers are tied for second in the NFL with the Cowboys and Raiders.4.

New York Giants (3/3, 5-3-1), Chicago Bears (4/3) The Bears are playing a more confident brand of football, winning three straight and coming into the game undefeated.

They need to win three of four to tie the Packers, but it’s hard to imagine they’re not a game better than Green Bay.5.

Indianapolis Colts (4.5, 4-3), Dallas Cowboys (3.5-4, 5) The Cowboys have lost four straight, but their defense has been great.

The defense needs a big performance to help them stay alive and to keep the Colts out of the playoffs for the first time since 2009.6.

Detroit Lions (3, 3-4) The Lions are one game behind the Bengals for the NFC North title, but there’s no way the Lions are going to lose to Green Bay on Sunday and finish with a loss.7.

Carolina Panthers (3)A win against Atlanta on Sunday will keep the Panthers at 3.5 games back of the Lions.8.

Philadelphia Eagles (4)The Eagles are in the middle of their best season since 2003.

They beat the Cowboys in Week 4 and then won their first game of the season over the Falcons.

The Eagles should be the favorites to win their first playoff game of 2016.9.

New Jersey Giants (4, 3) The Giants are 3-1 on the road and are a playoff contender.

They’ve been one of the few teams in the league who haven’t lost in a row.10.

Pittsburgh Panthers (4.)

The Panthers are playing more confident football and have won four straight games.

Their best chance of winning the division is to beat Atlanta.11.

Washington Redskins (3), Tennessee Titans (3.)

The Titans are 2-3 on the defensive side of the ball.

The Titans need to go win two more to win it all, which would put them ahead of the Steelers.12.

Houston Texans (3).

Houston’s defense is improving, but we still see the Texans going down in the standings.

We’re going to need some big performances from quarterback Deshaun Watson to keep them in the playoff picture.13.

Atlanta Falcons (4), Cincinnati Bengals (3)-The Falcons have won five straight and the Bengals have lost five straight.

The Bengals have a lot of work to do to make the playoff race interesting.14.

New Seattle Seahawks (3),””

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