‘No one likes this’: ‘The Internet hates this’

‘No one likes this’: ‘The Internet hates this’

In a recent post on Hacker News, the site’s user community expressed their disdain for the Los Angeles Lakers’ new free-to-play mobile game “FreePlay” as a joke.

“The Internet hated this game, as we all know, and it’s a joke,” wrote one user, in a post titled “No one wants this anymore.

No one.”

“The Lakers should just play this in a regular game, like they have been doing for years now,” another user commented, in another post titled “#NooneLikesThisLakers.”

“I think we can get the Lakers to play it.”

However, it seems the game is actually popular enough that the Lakers are considering the idea of reopening it to the public for free, as a possible alternative to the current $5.99 purchase price.

“It seems that a lot of people are still playing it,” a user named katie wrote in the original comment thread.

“This could be great news for us, but I don’t think it will be.”

According to a representative for the team, “No matter how you feel about the Lakers, we have nothing but respect for all of our fans and would love to bring this game back to the fans.

We will see what happens.”

The Lakers’ free-agency signings in 2017-18 brought about a lot change to the roster, but the team is still very much in the “no change” phase.

According to the team’s official website, “The goal of the Los Laker FreePlay program is to give all fans a better experience when playing on the Lakers’ mobile app.”

“Lakers FreePlay is a fun way to give the fans a free mobile game, especially for those who love the Lakers,” said the team in a statement to Sports Illustrated.

“Fans can try out new games and try out their own strategies while they wait for their next mobile game.”

The Los Angeles Clippers also have plans to introduce a similar mobile game in 2018, as they prepare to begin their rebuild.

“We will be introducing a new free online game to the Lakers mobile app for 2018,” the team said in a recent statement.

“Our fans will have a new way to enjoy Lakers games on their mobile devices and we are looking forward to sharing that experience with them.”

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