What is weed and why are gamers taking it?

What is weed and why are gamers taking it?

There’s been a surge in the number of people in the US using cannabis in recent years.

And it seems like weed has become a popular choice for gamers.

The trend began after the death of musician Jason Mraz in February.

Jason’s death prompted thousands of gamers to become curious about cannabis, which they claimed could help them cope with their depression.

In the past few years, there have been reports of players using cannabis recreationally to help them overcome depression and anxiety.

Now it seems there’s also a growing demand for weed for gaming.

The US Department of Justice says that as of July of this year, the number US citizens using marijuana had increased by 6.7% from January to July of 2018.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who use cannabis recreatively are significantly more likely to be female, live in more urban areas, have lower incomes, and have lower life expectancies.

The study also found that cannabis users were more likely than non-users to be married, have children under 18, and to be black.

It’s clear there are a lot of gamers in America that enjoy using cannabis.

They can’t wait to get it in their hands.

Some of the biggest names in gaming have already started making cannabis available for purchase.

We’ll be updating this article with the latest news on the industry.

What are the risks?

Although cannabis is often referred to as a “drug”, there are some risks associated with using it.

While it’s legal to use it recreationally, the side effects of cannabis can be a lot more dangerous than most people realise.

There are several risks associated to the use of cannabis.

The most obvious is that it can make you paranoid.

It can also lead to seizures, which can lead to hospitalisation and death.

Other side effects include: dizziness, confusion, confusion or memory loss, psychosis, psychosis or delusions, paranoia or a mood disorder

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