We’re a year out from the next PC game’s release

We’re a year out from the next PC game’s release

A year ago today, we launched our first ever PC games survey.

Today we’re excited to announce our third edition.

We’ve seen how the response has been to our first survey and we’re seeing how the second survey is performing.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

The survey data has been compiled from the response from the last two surveys, as well as from the results from our first and second surveys.

That means that the survey results are more comprehensive than the data we collect from our survey, which is why we think you’ll find them more relevant to you than we do.

We hope that you’ll share the results with your friends, colleagues and family, and we look forward to sharing more details of the survey in the coming months.

Our survey is now open.

What we’ve found We know a lot about what you like and don’t like in games.

We know how much you like a game, what games you play and what you think are the best games for you.

We can also predict what your favourite games are in your area and when they will be released.

We’re really excited to see what you’ll come up with.

We want to hear from you!

The survey is available for a limited time until Monday, 27 September, so get your questions in now and get a taste of what our data shows.

If you’re interested in how to take part, you can do so via the survey here.

We have some interesting insights about games, but we need your help to make sure that our data is representative of the people who play games.

If we get more data from you, we’ll be able to add it to our data analysis and publish the results.

We also need to hear your stories about your favourite PC games and how you feel about them.

If anyone has any questions about our survey methodology, please contact us at [email protected]

The answers are yours, but they’re not public.

All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purposes of this survey and will not be used to support any particular advertiser.

What you can find on our survey results: How you vote on the game survey results This is your opportunity to let us know how you think about the game.

We will use the information you provide as part of our analysis of your views on games.

How many games are released each month What are the games you most like?

Which games are you most interested in?

Which PC games are your favourite?

What is your favourite game for older people?

What’s the favourite game?

Which are your favourites?

How many people have played each of your favourite titles?

Which have you played?

What do you think of the graphics in the games?

Do you have any other games you’d like to play with your family and friends?

Which is your favorite game?

What games have you got?

Do they look cool?

Which ones are you interested in playing?

What are you looking forward to playing next?

How old are you?

Are you a gamer?

Do gamers have families?

What ages do you have?

What age are you at?

How long have you been playing games?

What kinds of games do you enjoy?

What does your favourite genre of games consist of?

What did you enjoy the most?

How do you feel when you play a game?

Are there any games you would not want to play?

What types of games would you never play?

How would you like to see the next game from your favourite developers?

What kind of games are most challenging to play for a given age group?

Which of the following is the game you want to see from your child?

Which one is your child’s favourite?

Are your children up to date on the latest PC game news?

Have you tried any of the games on our website?

Have your children played games before?

Have they played games at all?

Are they up to speed on current PC games?

Are their families up to the challenge of trying new games?

Have any of your children ever tried a new game?

Do your children enjoy playing games together?

Have parents ever given feedback on your games?

Has your children been playing with your children before?

What about the games your children play with you?

Do parents play games together with your child or with other family members?

Have children and their parents ever played together?

If so, what kind of age range do you find them at?

What game do you play with them?

Do children play games with siblings?

Have kids and their siblings ever played with siblings or cousins?

Do siblings and/or cousins play games alone?

Do kids and/ or siblings play with parents?

Do families play games?

Children’s games What games do children and parents play together?

Do all children play together in any age group at any age?

Do family members play together with parents, siblings, children or parents’ friends?

Have siblings and parents played together with siblings, parents, or parents’, friends or cousins

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