Trump to announce military option to stop North Korea, Pentagon says

Trump to announce military option to stop North Korea, Pentagon says

President Donald Trump on Monday told lawmakers that his administration will be ready to launch a “massive military attack” against North Korea in response to Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile launch.

The administration is looking at options that would include launching “a massive military attack on North Korea,” Pentagon press secretary Dana White told reporters at a briefing.

The president also said he was considering “totally destroying” North Korea if its leadership does not halt its nuclear program.

He also said that the administration is considering sending “tens of thousands” of U.S. troops to the Korean Peninsula.

“We’re working on it,” White said.

“We’re trying to get it done.

But we’re not ready to do it.”

Trump also said in a meeting with lawmakers that he believes the U.N. Security Council resolution was “absolutely clear” and that he does not believe it will “be implemented,” despite the fact that he has publicly called for it to be implemented.

White said that Trump did not intend to send the U.,S.

and South Korean militaries into battle.

“This was not an issue of whether we’re going to send our military into combat,” she said.

“It was an issue that was going to be put to a vote.

And the vote was on a very, very short notice.

The president believes that there is an overwhelming consensus that there should be an international effort to rein in North Korea.

It’s just not a matter of whether it’s going to take place.”

The White House is currently considering several options for confronting North Korea that include using “force of the United States of America” or “other means,” according to White.

The U.K. ambassador to the United Nations, Sir Peter Fahy, told reporters that if the North Korean regime continued its development of a nuclear-capable ICBM, it could face the possibility of military action from the U,S., UK, China and Russia.

“I think it is extremely likely that the regime would use this to test ballistic missiles,” Fahy said.

In recent weeks, North Korea has conducted its third nuclear test and launched two ballistic missiles over Japan, which the U and Japan consider a violation of its sovereign airspace.

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