Addictive games like Super Mario and Grand Theft Auto addictions for Australians

Addictive games like Super Mario and Grand Theft Auto addictions for Australians

The number of Australians addicted to the cult classic Super Mario Bros. continues to grow at a rate of 7% a year, according to a new report.

The research group conducted a survey of 5,000 Australians aged between 13 and 60.

The survey found a large proportion of Australians were already addicted to games that were released during the “golden era” of the 1980s and 1990s.

More than a third (32%) of Australians said they had played at least one video game in the last 12 months and two in five (60%) said they were currently addicted to one or more video games.

Nearly half (49%) of respondents said they played video games regularly but only 22% regularly played video game consoles.

Most (51%) of those surveyed agreed the prevalence of video game addiction varied considerably across Australian cities.

While there is a clear pattern with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide (where most of the respondents live) having the highest numbers of people living with video game addictions, it was the north-west of the country with the lowest proportion of people with a gaming problem (30% of respondents).

The University of New South Wales surveyed a similar cohort of 537 Australian adults aged between 25 and 64 in 2012-13.

This time, nearly half of respondents (49%), agreed with the statement “addiction can be a symptom or symptom of an underlying problem”.

This is the lowest number in Australia for a decade and a half, according the ABS report.

In 2011-12, the latest year for which data are available, 29% of Australians living in Sydney, 30% of those living in Melbourne, and 34% of them in Brisbane reported an addiction to video games, according this report.

When it comes to the type of game people reported using, people’s responses varied depending on their responses to the survey question.

The number of people who used video games was higher among those who reported playing online games (52%) than amongst those who did not (42%).

Respondents who reported they had used games offline to socialise with friends (20%) were slightly more likely to say they had been addicted than those who had not (14%).

The survey also found that while video games often provide entertainment, some people struggle with the addictive effects of the game.

Nearly one in five people (19%) who reported being addicted said they felt “very” or “a lot” addicted to a video game.

Just over one in seven (7%) of people said they struggled with excessive or persistent use of a video or software game.

Another 18% reported being “very, somewhat, or sometimes addicted” to a particular type of gaming.

There are several different types of video games that gamers use, according a survey by gaming research firm SuperData.

There are online games like World of Warcraft, Halo Wars 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as console titles like Call of Heroes, Dead Rising, and Mortal Kombat, according SuperData’s survey.

They include video games for mobile devices such as Angry Birds, Minecraft and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and other applications such as Minecraft and Minecraft: Mobile Edition.

Most of them are free-to-play or pay-to.

SuperData surveyed gamers between January 2013 and April 2014.

The research company polled 2,300 people aged 18 and over.

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